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Subject Code: ENG110 International School, Vietnam national university, Hanoi Keuka College, New York, U.S.A ASIGNMENT TWO Critical Response Prepared for Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Ms. Do Thi Thu Trang By Pham Quoc An 421834 - VISK2010A Keuka College – IS, VNU June, 2010 1
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Subject Code: ENG110 MANDATORY RETIREMENT SHOULD BE ELIMINATED Mandatory retirement typically is justified by the argument that certain occupations are either too dangerous as military personnel, etc or require high levels of physical and mental skill as air traffic controllers, airline pilots and so on. However, since the age when retirement is forced is often somewhat arbitrary and not based upon an actual physical evaluation of an individual person, many view the practice as a form of age discrimination, or ageism. In the following essay, I am going to analyze and write critical response following the article “Mandatory Retirement Has to Go” to make more clearly about the writer’s objection in mandatory retirement. According to the writer of the article “ Mandatory Retirement Has to Go ”, mandatory retirement violates an individual’s personal choice of continuing to work or retiring. The older working person should have the right to choose his or her retirement age. Next, mandatory retirement is surely a form of age discrimination. A young person might wonder why an order worker should be kept on the payroll when the company could hire someone who is younger and more creative. In additional, many people, especially fresh college graduates, do not agree that the retirement should be an option. They are worried that if older workers are allowed to continue in their jobs, there will not be enough opening for younger people. I agree with the writer’s objection of the article “ Mandatory Retirement Has to Go ” that mandatory retirement violates personal choice, discriminates against senior citizens, and wastes valuable skills as well as money. Firstly, mandatory retirement violates personal choice of continuing to work or retiring. As a
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ENG110.Ass2.Pham.Quoc.An - Subject Code ENG110...

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