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ENG110.Ass3.Pham Quoc An - Subject Code ENG110 ASSIGNMENT...

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Subject Code: ENG110 ASSIGNMENT THREE Academic Essay Prepared for Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Ms. Do Thi Thu Trang By Pham Quoc An 421834 - VISK2010A Keuka College – IS, VNU July, 2010 1
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Subject Code: ENG110 THE AGEING POPULATION CHALLENGES GOVERNMENTS During the last century, our times witness the world most developed and rapidly developing economies are beginning to be confronted with the same issue that the ageing of the population. Whilst it seems to be a recent phenomenon, demographic data indicates that it has been slowly occurring over the past two centuries. What is remarkable is the accelerated pace at which it has been occurring in developing countries, and as such affects virtually all advanced economies throughout the world. Personally, I strongly believe that ageing population is considered as a challenge of governments. The population ageing implies the average age of the population is increasing. This occurs as a direct consequence of declining mortality, people are living longer, and declining birth-rate, there are fewer young people. These two demographic variables seem irrevocably linked to growth in developed countries, with mortality and fertility falling as countries become more prosperous. In this case, old people are economically dependent and they depend on working people to provide for them. Thus, more money has to be created to fund hospitals as well as nursing homes, etc. This money should be provided for by the economically dependent population. Examples of nations own ageing population are Australia, Japan and the U.K. The ageing population leads to changes in spending for the health-care costs. As can be anticipated, ageing population means a better health-care service must be provided for the growing numbers of elderly people. WHO (World Health Organization) warns that the health
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ENG110.Ass3.Pham Quoc An - Subject Code ENG110 ASSIGNMENT...

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