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Subject: College English 2 Subject Code: ENG112 ASSIGNMENT 2 NOTIFICATION Write a critical response to the following article. A New Learning Tool Students at 62 large university campuses across the United States can take heart: they may never have to take notes in a lecture again. An upstart Internet venture calling itself is hiring students this semester and paying them to take notes in as many as 50 core courses per campus. The note-takers post their jottings electronically, within 24 hours, on a central website. Among the dozens of notes already listed are those taken Tuesday during Professor John Syer’s course on world politics at California State University in Sacramento and on Aug. 24 during Professor Robert Schwebach’s lecture on financial markets at Colorado State University. The service, which is first went on-line Wednesday, is free. And the stenographers, most of them hired through their fraternities and enrolled in the courses, are paid $300 a semester to open their notebooks to the world. The creator of the site, Oran Wolf, a 27-year-old graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, who hopes to earn a profit partly through advertising, said he started the service to help students augment their own notes or to help them catch up after a sick day. But he conceded that his offerings could be abused by those with less legitimate excuses, like chronic oversleeping or lingering hangovers. “I definitely don’t believe students should skip class,” Mr. Wolf said this week from his Houston office, as he admitted that he, too, on occasion, had done just that. “It’s
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Assignment2-ENG112 - Subject Subject Code College English 2...

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