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Unformatted text preview: Subject Code: ENG112 International School, Vietnam national university, Hanoi Keuka College, New York, U.S.A ASIGNMENT TWO Critical Response Prepared for Ms. Bui Thi Anh Duong By Pham Quoc An 421834 - VISK2010A Keuka College – IS, VNU August, 2010 -1- Subject Code: ENG112 FREE COLLEGE NOTES ON WEB: AID TO LEARNING OR TECHNOLOGY TO LAZINESS? Technology is no doubt the most important thing in the world in our time. Although we could all live without some of the major innovations that we have these days, but they definitely make life a lot easier. Some of these innovations include the cell phone, the television, computer, and World Wide Web, etc. While all of these things make life so much easier, it doesn't mean that we couldn't live without them. Technology also has a downside, which is that fact that as it progress; people have become and will continue to be more and more lazy due to technology development. As mentioned, technology advances are the best thing that can happen to the world as we know it, but it also has negatives. With laziness come many different problems one of which being obesity. Now maybe if we had everything done for us obesity would not be a big deal because we would only have to do when we wanted to. However that is not the way the world is right now, and we are nowhere close to that point. Recently, for instance, college students at Ohio State, Boston and Michigan State Universities, take heart: you may never have to take notes in a lecture again, nor will your counterparts on 59 other large campuses across the country. Why? According to the article “A New Learning Tool”, a new Internet venture called StudentU.com hired students during the semesters at 62 universities across the United States and paying them to take notes in as many as 50 core courses on each campus. The note-takers post their jottings, within 24 hours, on a central website. The service is free. And the correspondents of the site, most hired through their fraternities and enrolled in the courses, are paid $300 a semester to open their note-books to the world. The first aspect widely recognized that the internet or its service offers many opportunities not only for development but also for laziness. One common opportunity that often comes to student’s mind is available online essays or graduate thesis. Buying those via the internet gives students with the opportunity to choose the way of their learning for whatever they want, without any distractions such as other students or annoying the seller. Many people take advantage of internet on a regular basis for their all problems, which is such a dangerous abuse. -2- Subject Code: ENG112 However, the creator of the above mentioned site, Oran Wolf, a 27-year-old graduate of the University of Texas, who hopes to earn a profit through advertisements, said that “ he started the service to help students augment their own notes or to help them catch up after a sick day. But he conceded that his offerings could be abused by those with less legitimate excuses, like chronic oversleeping or lingering hangovers”. Despite his excuse, there is definitely that the arrival of his venture signals nothing less than the erosion of liberal education, if not civilization. Secondly, when seriously consider the issue that “if every student can buy the notes and satisfy the course requirements, maybe the course should have been distributed as a book, rather than having this charade of somebody standing up and going through a lecture that for all purposes does not change from year to year, and does not allow students the possibility of discussion”, Mr. Edmundson said. Besides, some of the best note-takers are not straight a students. They might have a kind of learning disability, a test anxiety, where they do not do well on tests. But they might take the pages of notes on a given lecture. What people look for is a dedicated student who attends class religiously only. Therefore, how can people clarify the reality? It is actually that the technology, in another way, contributes to laziness is in its opportunities and services for communication or learning. Through such inventions as electronic mail, also known as email, instant messaging, and term papers house such as StudentU.com, people have learned how to communicate, how to study and how to work lazily. And it is the bad side of the internet, or one of the internet's worst things. One vividly example of this is my cousin, Pham C, does not have many friends at his school or in his neighborhood, but he often talks to people on the internet for an hours or more each day. Pham C has become lazy because he refuses to develop and maintain a relationship with a real person. That is the problem! How can we answer to the issue? The main reason is that the laziness may cause the students to become passive. Most people know that laziness, or inactivity, causes humans to gain nothing but regress. While some people may argue that technology has made people a lot lazier than in the past, one cannot look past the fact that one technology has made life somewhat simpler, and two it has made life safer. Due to the technology, internet and its many services, today's generation of young people namely student has been becoming lazier. The technology and opportunities that -3- Subject Code: ENG112 we now have from the internet have caused many people, mostly young people, to become lazy. Nicholas Carr is somehow right when he said that “the internet encourages and justifies laziness”. The truth is that technology has made people lazier, but it only becomes a real problem when people let it. Total words count: 912 words -4- Subject Code: ENG112 References: 1. Bradley, E 2008, Technology Is Making Us Lazy, Viewed 04 August 2010, <http://www.helium.com/items/1370731-modern-technology-the-internet-demisenewspapers-the-rocky-mountain-news >. 2. Reich, B 2009, The Internet Has Made Us Lazy, Viewed 04 August 2010, <http://wemedia.com/2009/04/22/the-internet-has-made-us-lazy/>. 3. Steinberg, J 1999, Free College Notes on Web, Viewed 04 August 2010, <http://www.nytimes.com/1999/09/09/us/free-college-notes-on-web-aid-to-learning-orlaziness.html?pagewanted=1>. 4. Troyka, LQ & Hesse, D 2009, ‘Thinking Critically About Ideas and Images’, Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers, 9th edn, Longman, pp. 105–130. -5- ...
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ENG112.Ass2.Pham Quoc An - Subject Code: ENG112...

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