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ENG112.Ass2.Pham Quoc An

ENG112.Ass2.Pham Quoc An - Subject Code ENG112...

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Subject Code: ENG112 International School, Vietnam national university, Hanoi Keuka College, New York, U.S.A ASIGNMENT TWO Critical Response Prepared for Ms. Bui Thi Anh Duong By Pham Quoc An 421834 - VISK2010A Keuka College – IS, VNU August, 2010 - 1 -
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Subject Code: ENG112 FREE COLLEGE NOTES ON WEB: AID TO LEARNING OR TECHNOLOGY TO LAZINESS? Technology is no doubt the most important thing in the world in our time. Although we could all live without some of the major innovations that we have these days, but they definitely make life a lot easier. Some of these innovations include the cell phone, the television, computer, and World Wide Web, etc. While all of these things make life so much easier, it doesn't mean that we couldn't live without them. Technology also has a downside, which is that fact that as it progress; people have become and will continue to be more and more lazy due to technology development. As mentioned, technology advances are the best thing that can happen to the world as we know it, but it also has negatives. With laziness come many different problems one of which being obesity. Now maybe if we had everything done for us obesity would not be a big deal because we would only have to do when we wanted to. However that is not the way the world is right now, and we are nowhere close to that point. Recently, for instance, college students at Ohio State, Boston and Michigan State Universities, take heart: you may never have to take notes in a lecture again, nor will your counterparts on 59 other large campuses across the country. Why?
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