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[email protected] IBT, PBT, IELTS www. cz-training Animal should not be kept in Zoo. Do you agree or disagree? The debate over whether or not animals should be kept in zoos is a hot topic, one that generates passionate arguments both for and against. On the one hand, it is sometimes argued that animals should be free to live in the wild and not held in captivity. On the other hand, it is also argued that zoos are important places that not only provide people with a unique learning experience, but also play an important role in protecting animals and preserving their environment. While ever boy concedes that animals belong to nature and wilderness, I assume, zoos offer benefits to people as well as animals, which is why animals should be kept there. First of all, there are the educational aspects associated with zoos. Zoos provide an opportunity for people to encounter a wide variety of animals, including some strange and exotic ones. Children especially benefit from visits to the zoo, and in doing so they are given an opportunity to
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