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Should animals be kept in zoos? 3C Daniella Lam Do you like animals? Everyone certainly has had an experience of visiting a zoo before. In fact, there are a variety of interesting animals in zoos and visiting a zoo can bring you much happiness and surprise. In this essay, I will look at some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos. One argument in favour of keeping animals in zoos is that zoos helps boost tourism and brings substantial income to the local government. Since most animals are cute, they will lure people into visiting the zoos. When many people visit the zoos, revenue from selling the tickets will be high. Countries can thus earn more income from tourists. Tourists can also learn more about the habitats of the animals. Another advantage of keeping animals in zoos is that this can prevent some rare species from becoming extinct. In the zoos, the natural enemies of the animals will not have any chance to attack them. Besides, the staff in the zoos will take good care of them. Sometimes, the staff may also provide them with mating opportunities.
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