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ENG112.Ass3.Tran Ba Tung - Subject Code: ENG112 Is Selling...

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Subject Code: ENG112 Is Selling of Human Organs Good or Bad In today’s society, many people are suffering from diseases and conditions that require an organ transplant in order to survive. Some of these organs, kidneys, lobes of livers, and certain types of tissues, which could be remove from a living donor. While some people believe that sale of human organs contributes greatly to patient treatment process and development of medicine. However, many people claim that they also offer several disadvantages. In my opinion, sale of human organs brings about more benefit than drawback. Firstly, sale of human organs opens opportunities for patient’s life. There is no miracle drug that can restore health when the body parts injured so buying organs would help improve the best health. In addition, the price of treatment is expensive and valid for a temporary period. According to a report in 2000, there are 2583 Americans died while awaiting kidney transplants worldwide the number of deaths is around 50,000. Dialysis patients make an artificial kidney, dialysis machines and treatment sessions lasting hours, several times a week. It makes patients feel pain and tired. Therefore, using human organs help patients escape from disease and widely supported. Transplantation and use of human organs bringing high success rate for these patients.
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ENG112.Ass3.Tran Ba Tung - Subject Code: ENG112 Is Selling...

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