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Ngo Anh Nguyet_ EMS1 - 06071360 IE 097 Assignment In your...

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06071360 IE 097 Assignment In your opinion, which qualities and skills are required for success in your chosen career? Give possible challenges you may encounter in your future job, clearly state how your personal qualities may help you overcome these difficulties . Career is an indispensable demand for everyone. Each person’s choice of career is very different from another. In my opinion, I will choose a job. It is suitable for my own ability. My chosen career is business because business is increasingly important activities throughout the world to day. To succeed in business people need to have many requires in qualities and skills. Doing business requires many skills to develop and maintain the success in my chosen career such as good communication skill, qualification and knowledge. Firstly, Good communication is an important skill in my job. It helps me have good relationship with partners, customers, boss, and colleagues. Suppose I am a new employee in a company, I have just worked in company for about 5 days. I do not know clearly about the company’s management system and job. As a result, I must make good relationship with colleagues who will guide me and give advices to my job. In addition, I can also gain experience from them. Good communication is an increasingly important factor with career. It helps us rapidly find partners to sign big contracts in business. Next, qualification is actually a necessary element in business.
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Ngo Anh Nguyet_ EMS1 - 06071360 IE 097 Assignment In your...

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