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06071015 *************************************************************************************** Nowadays, there are many products or services provided by many companies. However, there is an important thing that every producer must care about which is, the fact that no single product or service will be successful forever. A successful product must have many factors. The most important one is marketing-mix. Applying the marketing-mix is factors one-way to lead you to success or failure in business. Why do I mention about this? Because I am the manager of a manufacturer of Coca-cola in VN. This summer , we are going to launch a popular product but with a new appearance. How would I apply the marketing-mix to ensure success in selling this product? As you know, our company is a well-known producer of soft drinks in the world. Coca-cola was set up in 1893 in Atlanta, US. Until now, our products are in all stores or supermarkets of many countries in the world. In 1960, we appeared the product at first time in VN. After this time, we recognized that VN would be a potential market to sell our products. It was proved that all of the population of VN including young customers as well as old ones or with upper-income, lower- income know and use our products widely. That is why we have decided that we will show to market a more attractive appearance of Coca-cola than before.
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