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van anh's assigment 1-MArch-17

van anh's assigment 1-MArch-17 - 06071184 When I study at...

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06071184 W hen I study at university, I tend to orient a future career the first. I asked some questions for myself. For example, does this job interest me? , What will I apply knowledge to perform it? , What are the opportunities involved in the job? And so on. Then I realize that business is a suitable career both for me and the current age because Vietnam is integrating into foreign market step by step today and many foreign companies want to invest in Vietnam. The second step that I think about is skill and quality. When I work in a company which specializes in business, I should be adopted to some good skills such as good communication, qualification, knowledge because they are good for my job. Therefore, I am not only providing myself with necessary skills, but also developing necessary qualities to improve my style of work such as flexibility, enthusiastic, energetic, and responsible. However, at work there are a lot of challenges from the job and the society such as different opinions among people, competition with colleagues, and so on which I have to face. I will have to find other ways to overcome them by applying skills and personal qualities.
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