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luong dinh linh IE098i - 06071327 ASSIGNMMENT Nowadays,...

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06071327 ASSIGNMMENT Nowadays, outsourcing has become more and more popular in the worldwide economy. We can understand it in many ways. Nevertheless, one can understand the simple meaning of outsourcing as contracting with another company or people to do a practical function. While many people fear that it is bad for global business, other think that it brings many advantages for operating business. In my opinion, it is good for global business in several aspects such as reducing costs. At this time, the global economy has more develop and completive in industries. Therefore the companies want to sell an amount of product they must reduce cost. They are using outsourcing as the way to reduce cost. .. Companies can outsource in many ways; for example, they can sign contract with other company to produce a kind of product or some part of product. Thus Outsourcings help companies more flexible, because of they can reduce employee, this mean that they can reduce policy for employee such as insurance policy, rewards policy and holiday policy. This helps company may save a lot of money thus It makes the cost of product be will decrease. For example, the companies produce computer before, they produce all part of a
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luong dinh linh IE098i - 06071327 ASSIGNMMENT Nowadays,...

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