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Nguyen Anh Tu Ems2 - Student Number: 06071174 OPPORTUNITIES...

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Student Number: 06071174 OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS In the past few decades, internationalize has become increasingly popular trend in the world economy. And since the early 1990s, South East Asia has also had a rapidly developing. Therefore, South East Asia always is a potential market which a lot of companies and investors want to enter. In there, Vietnam is acknowledged one of the most potential market and rapidly developing country in the South East Asia. Since, Vietnam always tries to provide the best opportunities for foreign companies and investors. However, paralleling opportunities, investors may also get a lot of threats and challenges when they entering Vietnamese market. There are some opportunities and threats which foreign organizations and investors may get if they want to expand their reach into Vietnamese potential market segment. From my point of view, I think the first opportunities foreign organizations may get that are the new consumers and the new market segments. Reality, when doing business, finding news consumers and potential markets, which every companies and investors calls as well as target markets, absolutely is the most important purpose. By participating in WTO, Vietnamese market has already widely opened to every organizations invest in. Moreover, Vietnam also is a dynamic market with rapidly developing and always wants to attract foreign organizations attention and
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Nguyen Anh Tu Ems2 - Student Number: 06071174 OPPORTUNITIES...

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