trangems098 - 06071151 Investing in foreign markets,...

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06071151 Investing in foreign markets, especially in developing countries, is a phenomenon in the global economy. Vietnam is one of those potential markets, becoming a member of World Trade Organization has helped Vietnamese economy to increase dramatically. Vietnam has opened investment policies with excellent opportunities for foreign investor likewise local ones. Whereas a number of people think that investing in Vietnam has some threats, I am convinced that the problems they cause are trivial compared to their opportunities. The first advantage, which investors may get when capital lay, entering Vietnam, is a Vietnam’s stable political environment and high economic growth rate. Besides that, Vietnam is a socialist country with only the Communist Party, so it never disputes about politics. For instance, in the United State of American, although it is a developed country, its economy is controlled by big corporations which cause American economy to lean on capitalisest. and corporations. American principal policies bring for big corporations. Politically actions rely on secret reserve from corporations. It can see that a stable politic is a main concern in doing business. Besides that, after Vietnam joined into the World Trade Organization in 2006, the Vietnam government has given priorities to investing to foreign companies. A lot of new policies have been approved, such as the equivalent behavior between a nation, not discrimination between domestic and foreign investment. All of those policies aim to open the Vietnam markets to suit
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trangems098 - 06071151 Investing in foreign markets,...

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