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It is true that the international integration tendency is an indispensable of every economy for every nation. Vietnam is the market oriented economy and developing country with high development speed and becomes a destination which attracts foreign investment. Moreover, since Vietnam joined into World Trade Organization (WTO), a number of foreign companies which come into Vietnam market increase more and more. When foreign businesses or companies invest in the Vietnamese market, they will have many opportunities as profuse human resource, rich raw material, and so on because Vietnam’s economy is considered stable. Beside these opportunities, businesses still meet challenges as difficulties in complicated administrative procedure; have a low-qualified labor standard, and so on. First of all, foreign companies will have many prospects when entering the Vietnamese market. When a foreign corporation approaches Vietnam arena, labor is not the first concerning issue because Vietnam is a young population country and high labor surplus (approximately 70% population from 18 to 60 ages). Although workers in Vietnam are lack of skill, they are assiduous and abundant, especially loyal to their managers or bosses. Therefore, the cost of labor is cheaper than other countries in the Asia area and over the world. Foreign business takes a lot of advantages of this issue. Because labor in Vietnam is plentiful and hard working, so their businesses challenges
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vananhIE098(i) - It is true that the international...

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