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Topic 1: How important is HRD? What are the functions of HRD? HRD refers to training, organizational development and career development of individuals, and organizations. In my following essay, I’m going to discuss the importance and the functions of HRD. Topic 2: How many branches of economics are there? Give example and definitions of each branch . Economics involves 3 branches that study production, distribution and consumption of goods and service. In my following essay, I’m going to give more specific definitions and example of those branches. Topic 3: What are the important qualities of efficient manager? Management is composed of a team manager who charge of organization at all levels. Most are managers perform 4 basic functions: planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Therefore, to obtain effectiveness in management, the manager needs 3 qualities as: being able to, being a good listener
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Unformatted text preview: delegate the tasks and being persuasive. Topic 4: Unit 9 (page 19) The MNC is widely known as a firm that has productive capacity in a number of countries. It is believed that MNCs have negative impact towards a countrys economy. However, from my view point, I believe that the statement is reasonable to some extent. Topic 5: Decide whether you want to work as a public accountant, a private accountant, a governmental accountant. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of your choice. An accountant is in charge recording, interpreting and reporting financial information. As far as, I am concerned, there are 3 of accountant: public, private and governmental accountant. In the following essay, Im going to differentiate among these 3 types and state the advantages and disadvantages of my own choice profession in the future.
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