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The product we are going to present to everyone is Nokia cell phones which is well-known as a famous line in the cell phone market. Today, we are very happy to be here and present about marketing mix. Our presentation focuses on the marketing mix because it is combined among the four main elements such as product, price, placement and promotion. In our following presentation, we are going to present about product, price, placement and promotion. If you have any questions please leave them until the end of presentation. To start with our presentation, Mr. Trung is going to talk about the first main idea. Let’s continue with second main idea. Price is one of the most important elements in the company’s campaign. The company’s target market is not only the upper-class, but also the middle-class. For this reason, a suitable price for customers was considered. For the upper-class who want to show that who they are and how their position in businessman, the firm brings out luxurious products such as N-Series product- line, 8800 sirocco, 8600 Luna and so on. It costs
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