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final marketing - ISVNU-MKT101 Principles of Marketing (May...

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ISVNU-MKT101 Principles of Marketing (May ‘09 Final Exam Marking Scheme) Principles of Marketing (MKT101) May 2009 Marking Scheme SECTION A - Multiple Choice Questions (20 Marks) Answer ALL questions. Each question carries 1 mark. Answers are BOLD. 1. The five alternative concepts under which organizations conduct their marketing activities include the production, ________, selling, marketing, and societal marketing concepts. A. promotion B. pricing C. distribution D. product E. demarketing 2. Many sellers make the mistake of marketing myopia by paying more attention to the specific products they offer than to the ________ produced by those products. A. benefits B. experiences C. benefits and experiences D. value satisfaction E. customer loyalty 3. You have learned from experience as well as from this course that the most basic concept underlying marketing is that of ________. A. selling and advertising B. customer identification C. retaining customers D. human needs E. fulfilling consumer wants 4. Marketing consists of actions taken to build and maintain desirable ________ with target audiences involving a product, service, idea, or other object. A. exchange transactions B. exchange relationships C. exchange processes D. exchange privileges E. exchange communication 5. Studies have shown that a well-crafted mission statement aids a firm’s performance as the mission statement serves as a statement of ________. A. fact
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final marketing - ISVNU-MKT101 Principles of Marketing (May...

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