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BACHELOR OF BUSINESS YEAR 1 SEMESTER 1 OCTOBER 2007 INTAKE FINAL EXAMINATION Subject Code : MGT101 Subject Name : PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT This examination carries 50% of the total assessment for this subject. Examiner(s) PUAN NORZAN ABDULLAH Day : WEDNESDAY Date : 9 APRIL 2008 Time allowed : 3 HOURS INSTRUCTION(S): 1. This examination consists of FOUR (4) sections: SECTION A FIFTEEN (15) Multiple Choice Questions – Answer ALL questions. SECTION B SIX (6) Short Answer Questions – Answer only THREE (3) out of SIX (6) questions. SECTION C THREE (3) Essay Questions – Answer only ONE (1) out of THREE (3) questions. SECTION D THREE (3) Case Study Questions – Answer ALL THREE (3) questions. 2. Answers are to be written in the answer book provided. 3. This is a CLOSED BOOK examination. 4. Students are NOT permitted to retain this examination paper. (This question paper consists of 4 sections in 7 printed pages, including cover page)
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Page 2 SECTION A – MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (15 MARKS) Answer ALL questions. Each question carries 1 mark. 1. The Leadership/Managerial Grid discusses the following leader styles except : A) authority-compliance and country-club management B) consideration C) impoverished management D) team- based & middle-of-the road 2. The ------------------ theory of leadership focuses on traits that differentiate leaders and non-leaders. A) Behavioural B) Contingency C) Situational D) Trait 3. Which of following is not one of the reinforcement tools in the Reinforcement theory of motivation? A) avoidance B) extinction C) recommendation D) positive reinforcement 4. Which of the following is an advantage of written communication? A) time-consuming B) record keeping C) occupies space D) none of the above 5. The CEO of the company gave a briefing to his managers and employees. This is an example of ------------------------ communication. A)
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OK_IS-VNU_BBusYr1_B2S1_MGT101_Final_Qn - BACHELOR OF...

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