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Scavenger Hunt Last Name: Hellums, Shelby This Scavenger Hunt assignment will familiarize you with the course layout. Answer each of the questions below: 1. Click the Announcements button. What date was the most recent announcement posted? The most recent announcement was posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011. 2. Click the Course Syllabus button. What is the first course objective   listed? The first course objective states that the “Student will be given the opportunity to…List and discuss in order of increasing complexity the levels of organization of the body.” 3. Click the Course Content button. What is the first thing listed under course content? The student course map is located at the top of the page, however the first lesson is entitled “Introduction Lesson”. 4. Click the Communication button, click Learner List (or Roster ), the List All tab, and List All . How many users are listed for this course?
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Unformatted text preview: There are six users listed for this course. 5. Click the Tools button. Provide a name and description for one of the tools. The Address Book tool is a great way to keep track of the friends that you make during your Pima online course. This tool allows you to add contact information to an online address book. 6. Click the Instructor button. List one item your instructor has included in his or her biography. The Instructors name is James Follbaum and he has been an instructor at Pima Medical Institute for two years. 7. Click the Help Desk button. Provide the name of one of the links found on that page. When you push the Help Desk button, you are able to click a link that gives you Login Instructions for the Blackboard Online Classes site. Points Possible: 7 1 point for each question...
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Scavenger_Shelby - There are six users listed for this...

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