Creative - $160,965.00 Total Variable Expenses $421,575.00...

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Creative Ventures Author Date Purpose To perform a cost-volume-price analysis of the  sales of  HoverDisks
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Creative Ventures 2010 Income Statement Revenue Projected Units Sold 29,200 Price per Unit $28.50  Total Revenue $832,200.00  Variable Expenses Projected Units Produced 30,660 Material Cost per Unit $8.50  Total Material Cost $260,610.00  Manufacturing Cost per Unit $5.25  Total Manufacturing Cost
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Unformatted text preview: $160,965.00 Total Variable Expenses $421,575.00 Fixed Expenses Projected Salaries and Benefits $240,000.00 Advertising $25,000.00 Administrative $15,000.00 Miscellaneous $12,000.00 Total Fixed Expenses $292,000.00 Summary Projected Total Revenue $832,200.00 Total Expenses $713,575.00 Net Income $118,625.00...
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Creative - $160,965.00 Total Variable Expenses $421,575.00...

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