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dear anthony - Dear Anthony Communicating in a classroom...

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Dear Anthony, Communicating in a classroom forum is quite different then communicating face-to-face. In fact, you have to be more cautious of the tone and writing style you are using when communicating in forums. One important key to keep in mind is your audience, and how they perceive your writing style. You do not want them to judge your writing as sexist. That is why it is important to use inclusive language. By inclusive language, I mean language that is not discriminatory towards any one group of individuals. Discrimination towards race, gender, religion, or any other classification is not used in inclusive language. By avoiding these classifications while writing, you are sure not to offend anyone. You started off your response by saying, “At a company conference, I saw this business lady give a presentation on etiquette. I was surprised because she had a lot of good things to say.” Coming from a woman’s point of view, this statement can be offensive to women. It sounds like you are implying that women do not have the capability of having intelligent things to say. To remove the
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