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Running head: DELTA GOING GLOBAL 1 Delta Going Global Eric Alberto Dejesus (4188233) American Public University Jodi Bouvin BUSN310 Business Theory 5/21/2011
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DELTA GOING GLOBAL 2 Delta Going Global There are some advantages and disadvantages with an airline industry based company going global from domestic. They can reach global status by simply operating hubs in international airports around the world or simply just operating flights around the world. But this is not an easy goal to reach and most companies do not accomplish this goal on their own or sometimes just stay within domestic operations such as domestic flights and connection flights. Delta has flourished in the domestic environment with their domestic flights, regional aircrafts, Delta connections, whole owned subsidiaries and SkyTeam. They also have many operating hubs within the United States such as their hub in John F. Kennedy International Airport, Salt Lake City and even their main headquarters in Atlanta which is their largest hub in the United States. I see many ways in which I would go global with this company if I was the CEO. For one
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DejesusEric_Assignment2.doc - Running head: DELTA GOING...

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