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Dejesus 1 Eric Alberto Dejesus Professor Feldman English 101 11 April 2011 Jayden Michael Dejesus, My Star! Student/Teacher Memo: My purpose in writing this paper is to entertain my audience. I want the audience to see the significant impact my son Jayden Michael Dejesus had on my life. While going through the whole process of writing this paper I not only sat back and thought about the past twenty-two months, but I learned to cherish future moments with my son. I learned every second spent with him must be preserved forever in my memory because at any given time anything can separate the two of us. The most difficult aspect while writing this paper was trying not to get to emotional which led to me thinking of how much my son really means to me. This paper really shows my true love and relationship between me and my child and if I was to revise it some more I would definitely add more moments between me and Jayden. The hard work of raising a child at the age of seventeen is definitely something most people will never know about and my paper might not have really gotten into it because I have nothing bad to say about my son’s arrival. I would like for Professor Feldman to indicate where I can improve my grammar as well as MLA formatting. I do believe my paper is properly formatted using the MLA style.
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This note was uploaded on 07/30/2011 for the course ENG 101 taught by Professor Roen during the Spring '11 term at American Public University.

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DejesusEric_Memo&Essay#1.doc - Dejesus 1 Eric...

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