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Dejesus 1 Eric Alberto Dejesus Professor Feldman English 101 7 May 2011 Page-less books? Say hello to the Kindle 3G Student/Teacher Memo: My purpose in writing this paper is to inform the audience about a product which I found interest in and give them some reviews and specifications about the product. I found it interesting that I thought I knew enough about the product to write a paper on it, but then I had to do way more research since I knew just enough to talk about it but not write about it. I learned to always do research on something before writing about it even if you think you know so much about it. Writing in third person and not writing what I thought or my opinion was a difficult aspect once again. But as I learned not all writings are going to have my input or personal opinion. My strengths were the fact that I included some specifications of the product and compared it to its older versions. I think I did not put enough details of the product in which would either confuse the reader or leave them in the opening. I think I wrote the paper in proper third person but if not I would like to know any flaws and how to improve m third person writing. The sources I used for all authors reviewing and evaluating the product and wrote for magazines which do this all the time. I do believe my essay and memo are in proper MLA format.
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DejesusEric_Memo&Essay#3.doc - Dejesus 1 Eric...

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