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Dejesus 1 Eric Alberto Dejesus Professor Feldman English 101 21 May 2011 Paying Into a Dead End System? Student/Teacher Memo: The purpose of writing this paper is to show the cause and effects of the Social Security’s futuristic problems regarding the funds and not having enough funds to sustain itself within the next thirty years. I had wrote about this topic in one of my other courses but found it much different to write about it to a crowd that maybe have never heard about this topic before and to write about it in a different point of view and a different aspect as well. The most difficult part about this paper was definitely just being able to use the library’s database instead of the open web. From the attempt I learned how to limit my research to using the library’s databases. I see the accurate and profound details of my paper as its strengths. I believe that if the reader had more education on the topic they would maybe appreciate it or value the paper more than if they just read about it without knowing much about the topic. I believe that maybe I could have involved a bit more background information on the topic for the readers to fully understand my points being made throughout the paper. I would love if the professor would be able to challenge my grammar and assure that my grammar is at its best. I did not really evaluate the credibility of the sources I did use my past education of the topic and they did seem to make sense and fit within the topic. I definitely believe that my memo and essay is in correct MLA format.
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Dejesus 2 Eric Alberto Dejesus Professor Feldman English 101 21 May 2011 Paying Into a Dead End System? Are we paying into a dead end system which was built around the idea that we would
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DejesusEric_Memo&Essay#4.doc - Dejesus 1 Eric...

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