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Dejesus 1 Eric Alberto Dejesus Professor Feldman English 101 20 April 2011 Computer Technician Student/Teacher Memo: My purpose in writing this paper to inform the audience of computer technicians a career which I truly have interest in. I found it quite difficult to write an informative paper where I could not really include my opinions and thoughts. I feel that writing this paper has taught me that not every paper I will write in my college career and furthermore will include my opinions and thoughts which are quite new to me. I feel my strength in writing this paper was my knowledge of the topic. If I was to revise it some more I would properly include some examples of what a computer technician’s day would be like in the work field. I feel that I just gave basic information on the topic and readers might not comprehend the whole aspect and how important these technicians are to our everyday life. I would like for you to inform me if I wrote the paper in correct person according to the assignment. I believe I did evaluate the credibility of the sources used; one of my sources is actually a senior certification program manager for CompTIA. I do believe both my memo and essay are in correct MLA format. I saved my file as DejesusEric_Memo&Essay#2.doc. I wrote the paper in third person and believe I never used second person to complete the essay.
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Eric Alberto Dejesus Professor Feldman English 101 20 April 2011 Computer Technician Computers are behind all of the most impressive and advanced technology in today’s era. Technology is so advanced now-a-days we use it for everything, such as letting cars park themselves, and writing a paper without actually writing, instead talking into a microphone. No matter how fast, smart, or advanced these computers are they need repair and maintenance down the road, and who better to do this job than a certified computer technician. This is a not a job but career that will just increase in need over the years. There is however several skills, as well as certifications that are required in order to meet the minimum requirement needed for this job. Computer technicians are an essential part of computer users around the world, as well as large organizations and companies. There are many responsibilities that come with this prestigious job title. For one computer technicians must follow the CPR guidelines that city officials such as cops follow. The CPR guidelines represent . No matter the situation or even the client this is a must! Great people skills and good public communications skills are definitely a must. Monika G. Vaccaro notes, “Computer repair technicians must find out what has been happening with the equipment. And the first step in doing this is to ask the customer. Technicians need to communicate in "user-friendly" language. They must also be patient with
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DejesusEric_Week3DB.doc - Dejesus 1 Eric Alberto Dejesus...

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