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Lab 1 Worksheet: Dependent and Independent Variables Student instructions : Follow the step-by-step instructions for this exercise found on the worksheet below and in the virtual lab and record your answers in the spaces below. Submit this completed document by the assignment due date found in the Syllabus. Please make sure that your answers are typed in RED . Please type your Name and Student ID Number here: Eric Dejesus (4188233) Directions 1. Open the virtual lab titled “Dependent and Independent Variables.” 2. The screen will display the virtual lab simulation on the right side, and a “Questions” column on the left side. 3. Read all information in the Greenhouse Handbook. To open the handbook, click on “Greenhouse Handbook” on the shelf above the growth chamber in the lab simulation. 4. Read all background information and instructions in the “Questions” column. 5. If you come upon terms that are unfamiliar to you, please refer to your textbook for further explanation or search the word here: 6. Answer Lab Questions 1-5 below. 7. Follow the procedure below to complete the lab experiment. There are four seed varieties: two transgenic varieties—BT 123 and BT 456—and two non-transgenic varieties—Golden Crop and Super Harvest. You must gather data for all four varieties at levels of no infestation, low infestation, and high infestation. You may need to reset the simulation several times to see and select each of the four varieties. Record all of your data in Tables 1 and 2 below. Procedure 1. Click and drag a seed variety to each of the two growth chambers. 1
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2. You may choose to plant one or two different types of corn. The seeds will be planted in all three pots and each growth chamber will automatically be labeled. Click on the reset button to choose from other varieties of corn. 3. Click and drag a level of ECB infestation to each set of plants in the growth chambers. 4. You may choose to have no infestation, a low level of infestation, or a high level of infestation for each seed type. The selection will be applied to each plant in the growth chamber and the label will be updated with the information of the level of the ECB treatment.
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Lab1Worksheet_DejesusEric - Lab 1 Worksheet Dependent and...

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