Technical issues team rebuttal

Technical Issues Team Rebuttal
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Unformatted text preview: Technical Issues Team Rebuttal Although it is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that the employees a re t rained and to oversee the everyday operations of the organization, that still would not have been enough to prevent this crisis at JetBlue. No matter what kind of cross t raining, or what kind preparations would have been made by the management, the crisis would have still been an issue because of the technical issues that were not up to date. The main problem was all the passengers were not able re-book their f l ights through the JetBlue website, or by using the kiosks in the a irport. All the passengers were expected to call customer support, which then c reated wait t imes which exceeded an hour for every person who was calling in. If a ll the systems were properly updated customers would have been able to re-book t heir f l ights through the internet as well as on the kiosks within the airport, which would have created less of a problem on the call center; this would have also p revented all of the unhappy customers. Customers would have understood not being able to fly that night due to the weather conditions, they were all unhappy d ue to having to rebook using the customer call center, rather than using kiosks w ithin the airport. Although the management was not prepared for what happened, how would p reparation change anything that happened? The issues the occurred were all based on the technical problems. Updated technology was needed to counteract the p roblems that occurred. Management was indeed t rying to fix things, and make p rograms to help, but this was not working due to the technology failing. The management was making decisions that were working perfectly before the crisis, but the issue was the technology JetBlue was using which was out of date and not capable of doing as much as what was called for this night. ...
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