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Jennifer O’Neal XBIS 219 JetBlue Checkpoint I believe that the main issues of the JetBlue meltdown were mainly reliant on the technical issues at hand. Customers were unable to use the JetBlue kiosks within the airport, or even the internet to rebook flights, and this ultimately created a disaster for JetBlue. This is because all the passengers were forced to call customer support in order to rebook their flight. This was the main problem because the call center for JetBlue was not able to support all the calls that were coming in, and the wait time for the customer service calls exceeded an hour wait time. This is what created the unhappy customers, and no matter what managers did training wise, it would not have made any kind of difference. Management should have been keeping their superiors up to date on their technology issues, and
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Unformatted text preview: pushing to get some kind of backup plan in place for a situation such as this. The call center was only capable of handling 650 calls, and a max of 900, therefore in a situation such as this the call center technology was unable to support this kind of disaster. Management should have also brought it to the attention of their superiors that the kiosks within the airport should be able to be used to rebook flights when needed. When it comes to weather, especially in the North Eastern part of the United States, it is not unusual for bad weather to show up, or even be worse than what was being called for. It should have been the place of the management to ensure that backup plans should have in place for a situation like this, and try to get upper superiors to understand the need for the upgrades of all the technology....
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