Modern Challenges in Immigration

Modern Challenges in Immigration - or need. There are times...

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Modern Challenges in Immigration Jennifer O’Neal ETH 125 Vera Gill Axia College of University of Phoenix June 30, 2011
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The United States is a country in which is made up of immigrants from all around the world and our ancestors had recognized this. In the Declaration of Independence our fore fathers declared all men should be treated equal. When supporters vote in representatives, they are expected to think of the entire community in doing so, not just one ethnic group. I believe this should also include the residents from other countries which are in the process of coming into our country. I feel this should be the same for the policies on immigration: they should not only favor one specific ethnic background, but every ethnic background should be favored. I do not feel that the United States should consider citizenship based solely on wealth, oppression,
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Unformatted text preview: or need. There are times in which I feel the rule should be broken and citizenship should be allowed over other applicants. If an applicant has cooperated with the United States, and their life is potentially in danger, they and the family should be considered before other applicants because they and the family are in immediate danger, and I feel the United States has an obligation to give them citizenship and the protection that is needed. Policies should be set up in order to treat each immigrant on an individual case based on their application and when it was received. The country they are coming from and the color of their skin should not play a role in the immigration procedures. We as citizens can play a role in the racism that is shown in the immigration process in order to begin the healing of our country....
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Modern Challenges in Immigration - or need. There are times...

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