Legislation Legacy

Legislation Legacy - I think that the Congress is linked to...

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Legislation Legacy Jennifer O’Neal ETH 125 Vera Gill July 20, 2011
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There is a long history of legal actions with the state and county authorities for the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians while upholding its political sovereignty. The Soboba reservation has been referred to as a "hostile Indian Country". Since 2002, the Soboba chairman reports that the county police do not respect his authority and they do not cooperate with him, the elected leader of the reservation. The Riverside police have created uproar among the California Indian Tribes by their actions. One of the original states that includes in "public Law 280" which was enacted by some congressional members who wanted the tribal communities to have control of criminal and civil law.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that the Congress is linked to this issue because the article states that the Public Law 280 was enacted by a group of congressional members. There was not enough support for all states but the original act included six states. Since the PL280 was enacted ten other states have implemented different levels of jurisdiction. Tribal governments, for many years could not assert their PL280 criminal jurisdiction rights but now the tribal communities are acquiring a greater knowledge of the law and have more financial resources. With these changes the control of the tribal government powers will be a greater possibility. These changes will allow tribal communities to build their own justice departments....
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Legislation Legacy - I think that the Congress is linked to...

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