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Axia College Material Appendix F Oral Presentation Create a PowerPoint ® presentation of 6 to 8 slides on oral presentations using the following scenario. Review Ch. 17 of Business and Administrative Communication for information. Follow the guidelines for formatting PowerPoint ® slides. You have been asked to give a ten-minute speech on the basics of oral presentations. You may include information outside of what is provided in-text; however, the presentation must include basic information that people who are not practiced public presenters need to know. 1. First slide: Title slide; includes speech’s title, student’s name, university’s name 2. Second slide: Introduction
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Next 3-5 slides: Body of presentation; ensure that the body includes information on the following: • Strong openings • Choosing information to include • Organizing information • Strong closings • How to handle audience questions 4. Final slide: Conclusion Because you will not be able to present this, ensure that each of the slides contains thorough speaker’s notes you might use if you were presenting. Use the speaker’s notes to explain each of the items on the slide in detail, so your instructor understands your thought process behind each included item. The oral presentation is due in Week Seven. XCOM 285...
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