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XCOM 285 Essentials of Managerial Communication Axia College Material Appendix B Audience-Focused Communication Matrix Use the matrix to complete the information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item. What are some audience characteristics you need to consider? What communication channels would be appropriate and why? What would you do to ensure your message is effective? What are some considerations you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience? Audience-Focused Communication Audience Audience Characteristics Channels of Communication Strategies to Ensure  Effective Messages Audience Diversity  Considerations Managers When presenting information  to managers, it must be  remembered that each one  may have different likes and  dislikes. Each one may have  different guidelines that they  follow. Although each one  works for the same company,  each of the managers may  have different characteristics  that need to be taken into  thought before giving a  speech. Writing an email may not be the  most formal way to contact your  manager. Speaking directly to  your manager may give you the  higher hand when it comes to  showing emotion while  presenting all the information you  have. There are many channels  that could be used, but choosing  the channel that would be the  most effective is the challenging  decision. When choosing strategies, the 
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xcom285_appendix_b - XCOM 285 Essentials of Managerial...

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