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Week 01 Check Point - trying to communicate between each...

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Jennifer O’Neal XCOM 285 Week 1 Check Point Melissa Edwards I am sure there are some businesses out there that are using these resources to effectively  communicate, but at the same time I am sure that there are more businesses that are not using  these resources to their benefit. Most businesses use memo’s to communicate between employees  and possibly even emails too. But say for example at my current job, the only emails or memos  that are used are for clients who have accounts with us. The only form of communication that is  used between employees is verbal communication, therefore when important information is left  out or forgotten, it is a mistake because there is so many customers we have to work with while 
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Unformatted text preview: trying to communicate between each other. I believe if all businesses were to use the resources available to them for communicating, they would all benefit from using them. I say this because say for example my boss were to send me an email or memo with all the information about paper work that has to be completed he could include all the details such as dates that need to be completed, what all he needs to be filled out, and even send me copies of the forms that have to be done. At the same time this reserves to be as a check list for him because he could proof read and make sure he has included all the information I would need to ensure that it is completed on time....
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