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The Rules of Law Enforcement

The Rules of Law Enforcement - a long heavy coat on a hot...

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The Rules of Law Enforcement Jennifer O’Neal CJS 200 University of Phoenix Online Part One According to the text of appendix b, I believe the police did conduct a lawful search and seizure. This is because it was a hot summer day in Phoenix and they saw this man walking out of an electronics store with a large heavy coat on. This alone consisted of suspicious activity due to the clothing the suspect was wearing. Given the suspects behavior, I believe the officers acted in a reasonable manner. The defendants lawyer may try to say that the 4 th amendment rights were violated, but I cannot point out any way that they could prove this to be true. I do believe that it was reasonable, although it was more of a hunch based on the suspicious clothing the suspect was wearing. And that also prove to be the probable cause in the case as well. There is no reason that a person should be wearing a large heavy coat on a hot summer day in Phoenix, and I honestly feel that it would stand up in the court systems. The man wearing
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Unformatted text preview: a long heavy coat on a hot summer day in Arizona to me seems like suspicious activity and I feel the right steps were made by law enforcement. I believe the arrest was made in a proper manner. I say this because the suspect was arrested, read his Miranda rights and then taken to the station for further questioning. After finding stolen items in the possession of the man, he was placed under arrest and his rights were read to him. Not only were there the stolen items, but also a gun as well. It is important to read a suspect their Miranda rights when arresting them because this preserves their rights, as well as it ensures that the suspects evidence is collected in a manner that will hold up in court in order to use the evidence against them in court. The police officers interrogated this suspect in their custody that is where they learned that he had an accomplice, and they were then able to apprehend the second suspect....
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