Terrorism and Cyber Crimes

Terrorism and Cyber Crimes - stated to take too long if...

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Terrorism and Cyber Crimes Jennifer O’Neal CJS 200 University of Phoenix Online Division The fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution is a safeguard against unreasonable search and seizure by the government against private citizens. Terrorism and cybercrimes have been used as a means of justification for governments to perform searches or seizures which would normally be considered unconstitutional. Think about the Patriot Act and the illegal wiretapping which has gone on; the government was illegally listening to people's conversations, illegally searching property, and performing other various illegal searches and seizures because they believed that the security of the country was being threatened by terrorism. Terrorism and cybercrimes impact how it's interpreted because government can state that the security of the state overrides the individuals' own rights, they relate that in order to protect the country they have to be able to perform these searches in an expedient manner, warrants are
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Unformatted text preview: stated to take too long if you're hunting down terrorists, because terrorists are always on the move, and the government can't protect us if they hindered by having to obtain warrants, etc. I'm not so sure about it being justified, but I can understand why they would state it but it's too dangerous to allow. The Bill of Rights was put in place to stop the government from becoming too powerful. This list of rights was seen as a safeguard against the government, and it is these right which protect us from government intrusions. The problem is that if the government can suspend or go around certain rights, then what can stop them from taking away any of the rights which they deem necessary. This creates a very scary situation due to the fact that the government controls too much in our lives, freedom is suppressed because they are not expedient to the governments will....
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