Models of the Criminal Justice System

Models of the Criminal Justice System - versus out on the...

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Jennifer O’Neal CJS 200 Models of the Criminal Justice System The crime control and the due process models are two very distinctive models. Crime Control model is designed to protect the public, but the Due Process model is designed to protect the person accused of the crime. Crime Control helps to keep the citizens safe from any kind of harm an individual may commit against any other person. The Due Process relies heavily on the courts and their role in upholding the legal procedures of establishing the guilt of the person or persons accused whereas the Crime Control model relies heavily on the police. The Crime control model is the most effective seeing that it keeps convicted felons in the prisons
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Unformatted text preview: versus out on the streets, and it also helps to ensure a safer community for the citizens. Although it may be taken for granted by some, the police should have every right to search a vehicle or person in which they find suspicious, in order to protect the citizens of the community. Although I believe that the Crime Control model is the most effective, the right of the accused should also always be taken into mind and granted with the Due Process. Every person who is accused of and found guilty of crimes, whether they are celebrity or not, should be given the same amount of time based on the crime, and their prior criminal history....
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