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Jails Jennifer O’Neal CJS 200 University of Phoenix Online Jails are facilities in which county government in which is used for the purpose of housing inmates awaiting trial, or those in which have been found guilty of misdemeanors. According to our readings, “According to the Department of Justice, these roles include the following: Holding those convicted of misdemeanors. Receiving individuals pending arraignment and holding them while awaiting trial (if they cannot post bail), conviction, or sentencing. Temporarily detaining juveniles pending transfer to juvenile authorities. Holding the mentally ill pending transfer to health facilities. Detaining those who have violated conditions of probation or parole and those who have
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Unformatted text preview: “jumped” bail. • Housing inmates awaiting transfer to federal or state prisons. • Operating community-based corrections programs such as home confinement and electronic monitoring. I do not find that our current system is effective. I say this because there are people who do not learn from being punished. Some people don't learn from being punished; so when some people are released they might commit another crime. So if you look up how many people commit a crime more than once you'll see what people jail did not work for. It is the best the government can do with the money they are given by funding. It is a problem that has always existed and I don't even know how I would fix it myself truthfully....
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