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Acct for Executive Course Outline - ACCOUNTING FOR...

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ACCOUNTING FOR EXECUTIVES AF 5105 MBA – BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES Fall 2004 Instructor: Peter Cheng Office: M727 Li Ka Shing Towers Office Hours: Thursday 4 – 8 pm and by appointment Phone: 2766-4582; Email address: [email protected] Mode of Study: Lectures and Group Presentations Pre-Requisites: Accounting and finance background Objectives: From a user’s perspective, this course studies the economic consequences of externally reported accounting information. Using accounting, finance, and economics, we will attempt to construct a conceptual framework of external reporting. The focus is on the nature, quantity, and frequency in providing relevant information to investors and creditors that may facilitate their economic decisions. We shall explore the relationships among accounting numbers, earnings, net assets, and stock returns. Equal attention is also paid to the investigation of empirical evidences from the capital market that would substantiate the proposed relationship or serve as counter examples to the theory. Textbook: William R. Scott, Financial Accounting Theory , Third Edition, Prentice Hall (2002) Evaluation: Your final course grade will be determined by the following components: Group Presentations 50% Class Participation 20% Final Examination/Case/Paper/Project 30% 100%
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Acct for Executive Course Outline - ACCOUNTING FOR...

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