Presentation Schedule (revised)

Presentation Schedule (revised) - AF 5105 Accounting for...

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Unformatted text preview: AF 5105 Accounting for Executives Fall 2004 Presentation Schedule October 19, 2004 M-714 Li Ka Shing Towers Francis, Jennifer, Katherine Schipper and Linda Vincent. “Earnings Announcements and Competing Information” Journal of Accounting and Economics (August 2002). Presenters:Amy Yuk-Ling Chan, Maggie Shuk-Yin Chu, Mike Hou-Ching Luk, Antony King-Hang Tong, Anson Ngai-Sun Tsang, Edmund Wong, Kylie Tsz-Ling Wong, and Tim Man-Fai Wong Core, John E., Wayne R. Guay and Andrew Van Buskirk. “Market Valuations in the New Economy: an Investigation of What Has Changed,” Journal of Accounting and Economics (January 2003). Presenters:Vincent Chi-Kin Chow, Kenneth Chak-Keung Lau, Godfrey Wai-Shing Lin, Kamy Lai-Shan Lum, Prisci Wing-See Sit, Chris Kwok-Kin Siu, Patricia Yuen-Fai Tai, Jim Wang, and Kenneth King-Pok Wong October 29, 2004 Bradshaw, Mark. “How Do Analysts Use Their Earnings Forecasts in Generating Stock Recommendations?” The Accounting Review (January 2004). Presenters:Jannie Lai-Bing Chan, Gary Ka-Wo Chui, James Kwan-Ho Fong, Vienna Lit, Winnie Mak, Tommy Chiu Kwan Yeung, Wilson Wai Yeung, and Gary Hung-Shing Yim Collins, Daniel, Morton Pincus, and Hong Xie “Equity Valuation and Negative Earnings: The Role of Book Value of Equity,” The Accounting Review (January 1999). Presenters:Ada Ngar-Ming Chan, Nelson Cheong-Kit Chan, Peter Kan-Sun Chan, Nance Tsz-Kwan Fung, Michael Kwok-Hon Kwan, Yoyce Kam-Suen Mok, Kevin Yeuk-Kui Tam, and Collin Yuk-Pui Yip November 5, 2004 Trueman, Brett, M.H. Franco Wong, and Xia-Jun Zhang. “Back to Basics: Forecasting the Revenues of Internet Firms,” Review of Accounting Studies (June/September 2001). Presenters:Mable Chun-Man Chan, Wallace Wang Cheng, Venessa Wing-Tung Chow, Man- Lung Nip, Kali Keniex Wing-Shan Wong, Rosanna Shui-Yin Yeung, and David Yip-Pang Yuen Nissim, Doron and Stehpen Penman. “Financial Statement Analysis of Leverage and How It Nissim, Doron and Stehpen Penman....
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Presentation Schedule (revised) - AF 5105 Accounting for...

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