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AF5331 Teaching Schedule 0506

AF5331 Teaching Schedule 0506 - AF5331 Corporate Financial...

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AF5331 Corporate Financial Management Level 5 Credits 3 Pre-requisites Finance for Executives AF5327 INSTRUCTOR Dr. Antonio Wong Email: [email protected] (Please do not send me messages via the WebCT system.) Office: M817 Phone: 2766-4072 ROLE AND PURPOSE This subject aims to build on the knowledge acquired in AF5327 Finance for Executives and covers advanced theories and concepts of financial management. After completing this subject, students should be able to apply the knowledge in real world situation. Recent research findings are also introduced. LEARNING OUTCOME On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to: Appreciate the responsibilities of a financial manager. Understand advanced concepts and theories in financial management Assess alternative investment possibilities Evaluate different sources of financing that would maximize shareholders’ wealth INDICATIVE CONTENT Part 1: Introduction to Financial Management 1: An Overview of Financial Management 2: Analysis of Financial Statements 3: The Financial Environment: Markets, Institutions, Interest Rates, and Taxes Part 2: Valuation Concepts 4: Risk and Return: The Basics 5: Risk and Return: Extensions 6: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis 7: Valuation Models Part 3: Strategic Investment Decisions 8: The Cost of Capital 9: The Basics of Capital Budgeting - 1 -
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10: Project Cash Flow Analysis 11: Risk Analysis and the Optimal Capital Budget Part 4: Strategic Financing Decisions 12: Long-Term Financial Planning 13: Capital Structure Decisions: The Basics 14: Capital Structure Decisions: Extensions 15: Dividend Policy Part 5: Sources of Long-Term Financing 16: Common Stock and the Investment Banking Process 17: Long-Term Debt 18: Lease Financing 19: Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Warrants, and Convertibles Part 6: Working Capital Management and Financing 20: Current Asset Management 21: Short-Term Financing 22: Other topics in Working Capital Management
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AF5331 Teaching Schedule 0506 - AF5331 Corporate Financial...

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