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List of Research Articles

List of Research Articles - 7 Gul FA and JSL Tsui 1998 A...

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1. "Law and Finance"(with R. La Porta, F. Lopez-de-Silanes, and R. Vishny). Journal of Political Economy, December 1998. 2. Accuracy of Forecast Information Disclosed in the IPO Prospectus of Hong Kong Firms, International Journal of Accounting, 1997, Vol 32, No3. p301 3. "What if Trading Location is Different from Business Location?" with Allaudeen Hameed and Sie-Ting Lau, 2003, Journal of Finance, Vol 58, 1221-1246. 4. Ferdinand Gul and Sidney Leung, "Board Leadership, Outside Directors' Expertise and Voluntary Corporate Disclosures", Journal of Accounting and Public Policy , Vol.23 (2004) , Pg.351 -379 5. Zhang, Hua, forthcoming. Share Price Performance Following Actual Share Repurchases. Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 29, Issue 7, July 2005, Pages 1887-1901 6. Zhang, Hua, Qi, Daqing & Wu, Woody Y, 2000. Shareholding Structure and Corporate Performance of Partially Privatised Firms: Evidence from Listed Chinese Companies. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 587-610.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Gul, FA, and JSL Tsui. 1998. A test of free cash flow and debt monitoring hypotheses. .evidence from audit pricing. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 24(2). 219-237. 8. "Corporate Ownership Around the World" (with R. La Porta and F. Lopez-de-Silanes), Journal of Finance, April, 1999. pp. 471-517 9. Cheung, Y. L., P. R. Rau, and A. Stouraitis. "Tunneling, Propping and Expropriation Evidence from Connected Party Transactions in Hong Kong. " Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming. 10. Chen, Z., Y.L. Cheung, A. Stouraitis, and A. Wong. “Ownership Concentration, Firm Performance and Dividend Policy in Hong Kong”. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, forthcoming. 11. Cheung, Y. L., A. Stouraitis, and A. Wong. "Ownership Concentration and Executive Compensation in Closely Held Firms: Evidence from Hong Kong." Journal of Empirical Finance, forthcoming....
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