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ME 322 HW #5 08.04.2008 1. Air at 7 kPa and 35ºC flows across a flat plate of 30 cm by 30 cm at 7.5 m/s. The plate is maintained at 65ºC. Estimate the heat lost from the plate. (ANSWER: 13.7 W) 2. A plate of 0.1 by 0.1 m has an electric heater installed which produces a constant heat flux. Water at 10ºC flows across the plate at a velocity of 2.5 m/s. What is the total heat which can be dissipated if the plate temperature is not to exceed 80ºC? (ANSWER: 2200 W) 3. Air at 300 K and 75 kPa flows over a 1-m-square plate at a velocity of 45 m/s. The plate is
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