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Do you think your classmate accurately identified the claims? Explain your answer. The fact that many restaurant chains use much too much salt in their recipes for food items is the claim in this video. I do believe that my classmate had identified this. Your classmate has compared the claims against his or her personal observations; how do the claims agree or conflict with your own personal observations? As a nutritionist, I do believe that there is too much salt in many of today’s food items. I work at a school district, and every month I have to analyze the menus I create for the breakfast and lunch meals. I have a certain amount of calories, sodium, fiber, iron, vitamins etc that I have to make these menus to match. Seeing the high-sodium foods while creating the menus, helps me to decide what I will eat, and what I will make in my home. I rarely eat out, and refuse to eat at fast food restaurants. How are the observations made by you and your classmate the same or different?
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