CRT 205 Week 1 Assignment - Supporting a Position

CRT 205 Week 1 Assignment - Supporting a Position - As...

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I believe that they lethal injection should remain legal, but with some new rules and guidelines to be followed while doing the procedure. The inmates that commit such awful crimes to deserve the death sentence, should have to still be killed for their crimes that they committed. They were not thinking about the person that they murdered and how painful it was for them to die when they killed them, so they should get the same punishment. The punishment should fit the crime. If you murdered someone, you should be killed for it. Lethal injection has been used for many years, and while using basically the same materials that they started with many years ago. With new technology, they should change the ingredients and amounts used in the chemical mixture. In a few doses, the inmate receiving the injection looked as if he/she were in pain and suffering during death.
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Unformatted text preview: As wrong as their crimes may have been or how deserving they may be of this kind of death, it is still not right. Also when the injections are given, they are not given by a medical professional, but by someone who is trained to do it. There have been some cases where the injection was not put into the right place, and did not kill the inmate immediately. This is where the inmate looks as if he/she were suffering during their death. There needs to be a medical professional administering the injection to insure that it is being done correctly. Lethal injection is still one of the top methods of killing those deserving the death sentence and should remain a method. The inmates receiving the sentence deserve this death for their crimes as ruled by a judge. I believe that if they did such an awful thing to deserve it , then they should get what they deserve....
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