CRT 205 Week 1 Checkpoint - Taking a Position

CRT 205 Week 1 Checkpoint - Taking a Position - her...

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The key issue in this comic strip is the conflict between Anita and her own moral feelings toward stealing from the company she works for. A fellow-co worker told Anita what she could do to make her paychecks a little bigger. The co-worker admitted to doing it for a while, and that it is not detected by the company. Anita takes a little time before she takes a position on what she is going to do about her fellow co-worker stealing from the company. It does not state that she uses logic, but more of her own moral values to make
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Unformatted text preview: her decision on the subject. Although, Anita probably did use some logic while making her decision, it was mostly on her own personal moral values. Anita took an action as a result of taking the position she did. She decided that stealing from the company is wrong and that her co-worker was wrong for stealing. Anita called her HR department to report what her co-worker was doing....
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