CRT 205 Week 4 DQ1 & DQ2

CRT 205 Week 4 DQ1 & DQ2 - who/what it was directed...

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Week 4 DQ1 Is this going to be another bright suggestion like your proposal that we take scuba lessons?   Why does the example affect you, and what is the statement’s persuasive motive? It is very sarcastic, I personally am also very sarcastic. It makes people angry when you are sarcastic, and this statement kinda made me a little angry as I read it as if someone had said it to me. I now understand how my boyfriend feels when I say mean things to him like that. Week 4 DQ2 Rhetorical Devices are determined to be  prejudicial or nonprejudicial depending on the statement made, and 
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Unformatted text preview: who/what it was directed towards, and if it had any type of judgement based on race, sex, culture, ethinicity, or anything pointing at one person, or a group of people. Prejudicial Rhetorical Question: "Do you still beat your step children?" Nonprejudicial Rhetorical I agree the funding and support are still minimal, but shouldn't worthy projects be tried, even though they are not certain to succeed?...
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