CRT 205 Week 6 DQ1 & DQ2

CRT 205 Week 6 DQ1 & DQ2 - sneaky snakes and they...

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Week 6 DQ1 The valid argument is the one coming from the salesman stating that the couple needed to buy the  vaccuum.  The sound argument is the one coming from the wife when she states that they already have a  good working vaccuum.  I believe it is more important to have a sound argument than a valid one.  There is  more truth value to a sound argument than a valid one. Week 6 DQ2 This requires inductive logic. The premise is stated in that she claims that she couldn't have stolen the  cookies because of the lack of chocolate stains.  I do not believe that this is completely true.  Children are 
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Unformatted text preview: sneaky snakes and they lie alot, therefore, if he/she were smart enough to make sure that there were no chocolate stains so that he/she would have some kind of argument, then there is definately a good possibility that teh child is lying. I'm no lawyer, but if a child comes up with that reasoning, that quickly then I would have to not believe them and think that the cookie stealing and evidence hiding would have to have been pre-meditated....
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