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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon 2321513a94f7 What claims are being made? There are two men in this video that claim that they have found “big foot’s” body. There are DNA tests being done now to decide what the body is and if it is a real “big foot”. o Do the claims conflict with your personal observations? Truthfully, I do not believe that there is a Big Foot. It is a little hard to believe that there is some crazy animal running around the woods that there have only been a few claims of people actually seeing. The body can be anything made up just for the two men to get their 15 seconds of fame. o What background information do you have about the claims?
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Unformatted text preview: The only information that I have is that the two men claim to have found Big Foots body in the woods and are keeping it in a large freezer until testing is completed. o What is the expertise of the author, if any? MSNBC is where I found the video and I believe that they are very believable in their other stories. The woman telling the story seems to have doubts that the story is actually true. o Is the author biased and untrustworthy, or unbiased and trustworthy? The author seems to be unbiased, but trustworthy, but the woman telling the story seems to be biased. MSNBC is a very well-known site that features many news stories that are completely trustworthy....
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