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ACCOUNTANCY 560 INFORMATION IN VALUE CREATION SUMMER 2011 Instructor Teaching Assistant Communications TA John S. Chandler Associate Professor of Accountancy 4006 BIF 217-333-4539 [email protected] Irena Kola PhD Educational Policy Studies [email protected] Andrew Moss PhD English [email protected] Course Website Illinois Compass: Course Overview & Objectives This course is for students who have not experienced the “Project Discovery” curriculum of the UIUC accountancy undergraduate program. This course introduces students to the role of information in processes employed by organizations to create value in market settings and to communicate such value creation to its stakeholders. This objective leads to introducing students to the primary theories underlying the Project Discovery curriculum – strategic management, economics of organization, and systems theory – and the relevance of such theories to the concepts and practices of accounting and auditing. This course also develops many of the professional skills and attitudes integrated within the Project Discovery curriculum. Learning (Teaching) Philosophy Learning is a process of construction. That is, knowledge is a state of understanding in the mind of the individual knower that each individual must construct through iterative processes of experi- mentation/application and reflection on the outcomes of such experimentation/application. Thus, learning is a process involving interaction among students and between students and the instructor. Accordingly, you have the right to expect the following from your course instructors: 1. Personal concern for your education and development as a professional, 2. Fairness and honesty, 3. Openness to your ideas and opinions, and 4. Personal commitment to excellence in scholarship. Correspondingly, the instructors expect the following from you as their student: 1. Thorough preparation of assignments (both reading and written) for each class, 2. Class attendance and active class participation, 3. Active participation in and contribution to group projects, 4. Fairness and honesty, 5. Openness to the ideas and opinions of others, and 6. Personal commitment to excellence in scholarship.
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ACCY 560 SUMMER 2011 2 Course Materials 1. Custom text with select chapters from Brickley, Smith & Zimmerman, Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture , 5 th edition, 2009 (purchase from a campus bookstore such as Illini Union Bookstore or TIS); 2. Readings packet published by XanEdu (purchase from campus bookstore); 3. Other readings & cases downloadable from (or linked in) course Compass website. 4. Department communications website with policies, procedures and downloadable guides to com- munications for all Accountancy courses, including an ESL Handbook: Class Procedures The course format is a mixture of case preparation, class presentation and discussion, and group
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This note was uploaded on 07/30/2011 for the course ACCT 560 taught by Professor Chandler during the Summer '11 term at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

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ACCY560SU11_Chandler_Syllabus - ACCOUNTANCY 560 INFORMATION...

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